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Lease or Buy?

Ice impacts nearly everything.  Having a good, ready supply of ice on hand is essential to keeping things running.  Thankfully we have the efficient technology of ice production equipment to provide that supply. 

These days an ice machine is a required investment in your business or organization's future.  However, a major upfront purchase of ice making equipment, in one large lump sum, can tie up capital in a single item. 

Having capital on hand is important to any business.  Keep more of your money available by leasing your ice machine.  Leasing provides use of the equipment for an agreed-upon monthly payment.  Your business will benefit from the latest ice production technology without making that major upfront investment.

If your money isn't tied up in equipment costs, you will be free to invest in other items such as inventory, personnel or advertising.

And you gain major tax benefits.   Your monthly lease payment can be deducted as an operating expense.  Leasing also helps you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), reducing your AMT tax liability.

Here are some reasons to consider leasing your ice machine.

Is your business a "Start-up"?  Do you need ice machine equipment, but also need to keep as much of your start-up capital as possible available to cover other costs?  Leasing will allow you to secure your equipment while leaving more of your capital at your disposal for when you need it.

Looking to build better business credit?  Leasing is a stepping-stone to building business credit to qualify you for larger projects that need financing in the future.

And leasing can help you plan for that future.  Working with our partner financial company you can structure your lease payments to fit your budget.  And you can effectively forecast your upcoming budget expenses when you know your fixed monthly payments for your equipment.

A low monthly lease payment is an affordable investment in your company's future.